Emily Jane Keene: Web Development & Graphic Design


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Emily Jane Keene: Manifesto

Hey, that was pretty cool, huh?

I've been working as a freelance web and graphic designer for several years now, and am currently expanding my skills in order to conquer the exciting world of interactive multimedia, mobile applications, and all that glitters under the bright new dawn of HTML5.

Oh yes, I've got plans for the future of the Internet, and more than a few tricks up my sleeve: a top-secret idea guaranteed to revolutionize the blogging experience... innovations designed to liberate webcomics from the page-turning "book" format in order to seize their full multimedia potential at last... diabolical schemes to exponentially increase the value of social media tools for businesses of all sizes... far-reaching strategies to help bring burgeoning young artists into the viral light... and that's just the beginning!

Whether you're a fellow developer with the creative ambition to team up on one of these projects (or one of your own!), a potential client looking for a fearless designer to bring your vision to life, or a cutting-edge company in search of some fresh new blood—
I'm the nerd for you!

Welcome, friends, to the shape of things to come... It's sure to be one wild ride.

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Emily Jane Keene: Portfolio

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Blog Coming Soon!


This is my first website written entirely according to the new content-driven HTML5 standards, initially inspired by sites like sursly.com and the parallax animation craze that's been sweeping the (virtual) globe. To achieve the scrolling animation effect seen in my page transitions, I combined (and gently modified) several open-source javascript/jquery programs authored by some seriously brilliant developers: Karl Swedberg, Ben Alman, and Mark Dalgleish.

As the online representation of my skills as a whole, this site will always be something of a work in progress... Each new technique seems to present a hundred more opportunities for learning, and I plan to master them all! Stay tuned, and watch evolution in action.


The art seen throughout this site is essentially a Photoshop-rendered love poem in honor of the long-dead Irish artist Harry Clarke, whose work is instantly recognizeable by both his whimsically macabre illustrative style and the ethereal light captured within his stained-glass creations.

To achieve my design, I modified, colorized, and collaged countless tiny elements pulled from over a hundred black-and-white Clarke drawings*, mostly taken from his illustrations for a 1925 edition of Goethe's Faust. All of the images involved are licensed within the public domain, legally repurposed for this site.
*except for a couple of background elements taken from public domain works by Aubrey Beardsley.

Portrait photography courtesy of April Garcia (.apetography) ©2010.